Some Spectacular Long-Termers

We’d like to take a break from your regularly scheduled programming to introduce you to some pretty spectacular animals.

They span all shapes, size, and species—but they all have one thing in common, they have been here far longer than we can comprehend why.  We are putting all of our cards on the table; these animals have stolen our hearts and we’re hoping they will at least melt yours.

We have a simple ask:  take a moment to meet three of our special snowflakes, our diamonds in the rough.

Each has hidden and exceptional characteristics, and lots of potential. But, they currently lack the final touches that would make them truly stand out from the crowd. Okay, so they stand out in our shelter crowd for being our long-term residents, but wait… don’t change the channel! You can help us spread the word and help these guys and gals find their new beginning.

Meet Oscar

Oscar starts every day with a smile on his face (even Mondays- who does that?).  Granted, he may not know his days of the week but he’s incredibly smart and loves to learn new tricks and commands with our staff and volunteers. He’s also very active, and would make an excellent work out buddy or hiking companion.  We’d love nothing more than to see him spend this summer with his new humans.



He’s also heartbreakingly handsome. Need we say more?


What does Oscar not care for? Sharing the spotlight. This canine companion has what we lovingly refer to as Only Child Syndrome. He wants to be his human’s shining star.

National Only Child Day Images.png

He doesn’t want to share the toys in the sandbox. He plays nice with others outside his home, but inside it’s “happy only child day” every day (and that’s ok!). Perhaps you were an only child and understand his mentality? Or maybe you’re sitting at your computer thinking how awesome it would be to have a big warm dog at your feet! Either way, get in here and meet Oscar. You’ll likely be greeted with hugs.


Meet Minou

With her ginger hair and seductive sashay, Minou is the biggest flirt we know. Walk on by her kennel and you’ll likely be greeted with a wink and a meow. If you’re having a good hair day, she may just reach her paw out to you for a kiss. But, don’t be fooled– Minou’s affection is given on her own terms. This cat spends her day rotating from sun bathing to shoulder perching. Minou cat-walked her way into our hearts and we think its high-time she struts her stuff out with her new people.


“I know I’m beautiful”

You may be thinking, why hasn’t this enchantress found her match? Well, Minou happens to be special, very special… she’s diabetic (calling all health care professionals!!). She requires insulin injections twice a day to maintain her health and happiness. IMPORTANT NOTE: we’re here to tell you that being the humans of a diabetic feline is not as difficult as it sounds. We’ll even send Minou home with a hearty supply of insulin, and guide you through everything you need to know.

Come scoop this lil’ lady up—she’s waiting just for you. YOU know who you are…

Meet Sidda

Sidda. Oooooohh, Sidda. Sidda. Sidda.

Sidda has been adopted – and returned – a whopping four times. But that’s ok, we’re going to keep on, keepin’ on for this girl.

I asked our kennel manager what one word would describe Sidda, and she instantly replied “FUN! With a capital F-U-N.”

Second word? “Quirky.”

Ya, quirky. Sidda is the type of dog who will hop in your lap and smother you in kisses. She’ll twirl like a ballerina in front of your feet. She’ll snuggle up in one of her very fashionable sweaters for a cuddle session.


Let’s dance!

She’ll also protect the you-know-what out of her home and her people. This teeny-tiny, 14 pound pooch has her space on lock-down. Once she bonds to you, she’s taken a vow for life. At the shelter she loves EVERYONE. But once she’s settled into a home with a family she loves, she’ll likely try to serve and protect. We think her need to serve and protect is from a previous life; she’s a big dog trapped in a little dog body.  She’d benefit from a human with BIG DOG experience to navigate this little warrior.  We’re working with her every day.  Her “special forces” training is something she will need to continue to work on in her new home, especially as she begins to bond with her new people.


We just know there is someone out there who would love nothing more than a quirky Chihuahua companion. Are you that person? Do you know that quirky Chi lover? Send them our way!

Well, now we return you to your regularly scheduled, facebook programming. Give us a call to learn more about Mr. Only Child, the feline vixen or the eccentric Chihuahua. Or, better yet, stop on by! We’ll be here.



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