ARLGP South Korean Dog Update


Over the past six weeks all 5 dogs have been working on a comprehensive training plan with our professional trainer, Liz Langham, of Tree Frog Farm Dog Training. Ron was the first to reach milestones including leash desensitization, interaction with people, confidence building, hand targeting and socialization. He was placed in one of our volunteer foster homes, and adapted incredibly well to the new environment and home surroundings.

In his foster home, Ron has had a confident canine companion which has allowed him to observe, understand and learn in-home behaviors and routines. In his permanent placement, it is required that Ron has a confident and well-socialized canine sibling to continue to learn and transition smoothly.

If you are interested in adopting Ron, please read his detailed bio and complete and return our South Korean Dog Adopter Survey. Completed surveys must be emailed to Upon submission, surveys will be reviewed and applicants will be contacted to schedule a family meet-and-greet with Ron. Please note: Ron is currently in his foster home, and cannot be met on a drop-in basis.


We are currently looking for qualified foster homes three (Victor, Stuart and Huey) of the our four remaining South Korean dogs.

Interested foster families are required to have a confident and social canine. Once in their foster home, they will need to continue to follow their training plan with their foster family with assistance from ARLGP staff.

If you are interested in fostering one of our South Korean dogs, please complete and submit our South Korean Dog Foster Survey. Completed surveys must be emailed to We will respond to all interested applicants who qualify as a suitable foster home with an invitation for a meet-and-greet at the ARLGP. Based on their confidence levels, multiple meet-and-greets at the ARLGP (with the entire foster family) will be key to a successful and smooth transition into their foster homes.

PLEASE NOTE: the foster and adoption process of our other South Korean dogs differ from our typical foster/adoption process. Due to their upbringing and training requirements, these dogs require a specific home and family environment. ARLGP staff and trainers will be reviewing applicants and selecting homes on a case-by-case basis. This is not a first-come, first-served process.

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