Meet Lady Bug, Our Resident Supermodel

Lady Bug is quite the supermodel. Just look at that beautiful coat, and those sparkling green eyes. She’s 9-years-young and has a healthy zest for life. You just might say, she’s cute as a bug (see what we did there?)!


Our staff and volunteers are head over heels for this girl. She came to the ARLGP from a home where she was strictly an indoor cat. However, we’ve noticed that this Lady Bug (like most) enjoys her daily time outside in our cat-ios where she plays, digs and rolls in the dirt. We often find her bird watching, munching on the grass, and bathing in the sun.

However, when the camera came out, it was all about posing for this supermodel:

Lady Bug lived with cat-savvy children in her former home. Lady Bug can get quite playful, so older kiddos who understand cat signals would be best. She’s known for giving some love nibbles from time-to-time. But, we know it’s all affection. She was also respectful of other felines in her foster home, but may prefer to be the shining star on her runway.

Lady Bug is also a special needs kitty. She has hyperthyroid and requires medication twice a day. She’s very good about taking her medication because it always comes with a delicious meatball! Hyperthyroid is a condition we see often in kitties, and is easily managed at home. She is happy and healthy, and ready to meet her new family.

If loving, fun and young at heart is what you are looking for in your feline companion, stop by and meet Lady Bug. You’ll likely find her lounging in the sun, or with a paw extended to say “how do you do?!” Or, give us a call to learn more about her at (207) 854-9771.


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