South Korean Dog Update

As you may have heard, the ARLGP accepted five dogs in June from a South Korean dog meat farm. Over the past 11 weeks, we have worked incredibly hard on training, enrichment, exposure—to help them learn and understand what it is like to be a dog in a loving environment.


Just two weeks ago, the first of our five dogs was adopted into his new home. Ron, now Myles, is enjoying his new human and canine companions, while continuing to learn what his new life is like. His family reports that things are going very well, and he is a wonderful addition to their home.

The four remaining South Korean dogs are now looking for placement in foster and/or adoptive homes. Victor (jindo mix), Stuart (all american mix), Forrest and Huey (husky mixes) are all at different stages in their training, but are all ready to step their paws out of the ARLGP and into a home to continue to learn and grow.

We are looking for foster and/or adoptive homes that currently have a social, dog-friendly canine. The South Korean dogs are very friendly with other canines, and we have observed them to use their canine friends as role models for behavior. Homes would also ideally have some sort of fenced-in area for the dogs to be able to exercise and roam in, as they continue to work on their leash-walking skills.

If you are interested in learning more about these very special boys, please give us a call, send us an email or stop by. We also have a survey we ask all potential fosters/adopters to complete, and can be emailed to

Here are some of our observations and fun facts on these boys:


Victor is incredibly smart and curious. He is active, and loves romping around our play yard, sniffing out all the scents. He has shown a wonderful curiosity, and is always looking to take a step further or learn something new. While he has much more to learn once in a home environment, he has grown tremendously with us. His confidence has increased, as well as his sense of adventure. He’s always ready to chase a ball or stuffie, and is getting used to the game of fetch and return.


At just a year old, we have definitely observed Stuart to be the most playful of the group (however, they are all very playful in their own way). He displays a lot of puppy-like energy and enthusiasm. Toys of all shapes and sizes are a favorite for Stuart. He absolutely adores chasing a stuffie across the yard, then proudly running around with it for all to see. He is curious and shows moments of his adventurous side. Once in a home, Stuart will learn all of the wonderful things a house has to offer. He will surely enjoy a family to continue to teach him all about the exciting new world around him.


At first meeting, Huey may seem a bit reserved at first. But once he gets his paws moving, and his nose sniffing, he turns into all smiles! This boy never stops smiling—and his happiness is infectious. Just watch him run around the yard, exploring all the corners, scents and toys. We can tell Huey is a naturally active dog (he’s a husky, after all) and once he is settled into a home, he’ll truly blossom. He is very curious, and always goes out of his way to sniff out what’s happening in a new space. His transformation has been incredible; we’ve seen him develop so much confidence and courage. We can’t wait to see how he progresses with training once in a foster home.


When our five boys arrived, Forrest was the most timid of the group. Every milestone his fellow canines achieved took Forrest just a bit longer to reach. He simply wanted to take his time and get used to the sights, sounds, smells of his new surroundings. Our team was incredibly dedicated, day after day, to saying hello to Forrest and allowing him to meet them at his own pace. Now, he is a different dog. He happily sprints around the yard, with puppy-like energy. Forrest has had many play sessions in our yards, with other ARLGP dogs. He absolutely adores having a canine companion; he mimics, learns and observes the companion he is with. He is incredibly playful, as he is still very young. He also has a natural curiosity, and takes his time sniffing and exploring new spaces to get a feel for things.


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