Cat Found in Locked Trunk Now Safe at ARLGP

UPDATE ON SKY THE CAT (9/2/16): Yesterday, a Buxton family contacted us after hearing media reports on Sky the kitty who was found Monday morning locked in a truck. Their cat, Ollie, had gone missing the weekend before and they immediately recognized her after seeing her on the news and in the local paper.  

After research, examination and investigation we have concluded that Sky is indeed their Ollie and she will be reunited with her family.  It’s important to note that  Animal Control Officers local to the incident will continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding Sky/Ollie’s situation. We are thankful for the citizens who found her and brought her to safety.

We take this opportunity to remind our community that your shelter is a resource. If your cat is missing – call your local shelter immediately. If you find a stray cat in your neighborhood, please call your local ACO and shelter. Pet owners are encouraged to use proper identification for their pets (collar with ID tag in addition to a microchip) so that when stray animals are brought to shelters, they can be reunited with their owners as quickly as possible. The ARLGP provides low-cost microchipping during our daily open hours at just $35 per pet, no appointment necessary.


On Monday, August 29th, 2016, the ARLGP received a feline from a concerned citizen who found it in a locked, sealed trunk at a local baseball field.


Trunk the cat, Sky, was found in

The cat, named Sky by our staff, is approximately 1-year-old. Upon arrival at our facility, Sky received a full medical evaluation from ARLGP staff and veterinary team. She was observed to have a significant amount of fleas and flea dirt, but otherwise in fair condition. She is affectionate and well-socialized; she very much appears to be a family pet.

Two Buxton residents were taking a walk at the Hollis Sports Complex fields at 6am Monday morning. At the end of their walk, they noticed a large trunk in the parking lot. When they attempted to open the trunk, they heard the crying of a cat inside. Unable to open it on their own, they brought it to a friend’s house who opened it with a screwdriver. Sky was in the trunk, without food or water.



Sky’s story is a strong reminder to our community to use your local shelter as a resource. If you are unable to provide care to your pet, for whatever reason, please work with your local shelter and animal control officials. Had these concerned citizens not intervened, Sky’s story could have had a very different outcome.

We are asking anyone who may recognize Sky or have information about her abandonment to contact us directly at (207) 854-9771. Hollis officials are working with the Sheriff’s office on an investigation into the situation as well, and can be contacted with information.

Pending her continued good health, Sky will be available for adoption on Saturday, September 3rd.

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