Meet three of our canine companions!

Today, we’re shining the spotlight on three magnificent and loveable canines waiting to paw off to their new, happy homes.

Ronin, Mr. Congeniality

Looking for tall, dark and handsome? Look no further than Ronin! Not only is this beautiful boy a stunner, but he also has the smarts to match the looks. Like most shepherds, Ronin is incredibly smart. He’s mastered a variety of tricks and is eager to learn more.


He also loves getting his paws dirty! Running in the yard, hiking on a trail, camping in the woods—Ronin is able and willing to do it all with his people. At just 2-years-old, Ronin has his whole, fun life ahead of him with his new family. Did we mention Ronin loves everyone? He’s great with doggie and human friends of all ages.


He would love for you to make a trip in with your family and toss a ball to him in the yard—he’ll take any opportunity to show you his skills!

Memphis, Enormously Lovable

This 4-year-old Great Dane mix may be the size of a small horse, but her affectionate matches her weight pound-for-pound. Memphis is enormously loveable- and we mean it. Every inch of her oozes love, affection and companionship. They way she leans into your legs for some head scratches, and the way she gently extends her big paw out to you for a hand shake (and kiss).


Everyone who meets her falls instantly head over heels. When visiting the ARLGP you’ll likely need to ask “where’s Memphis today?” because our team members take turns claiming her as their office mate and snuggle buddy. You may find her behind our front desk, greeting visitors with her pig-tail ears and paw talk. Or, she’ll be curled up on a plush bed snoozing at the feet of an ARLGP staffer. At 4, Memphis enjoys a pretty easy-going life of strolls around the block and lots of cuddle time on the couch. Who doesn’t love that?

Taz, Always Smiling

Taz is a 2-year-old husky mix who is the biggest smarty pants. This boy masters tricks and commands with ease, and is always looking for his next text book to conquer.


TAZ LOVES LIFE. You know those people who are always ready for the next big adventure? Rock climbing, sky diving, bungee jumping—that’s the kind of guy Taz is.  He’s a wanderlust at heart, and is looking for a human partner to experience everything life has to offer. Taz is ready for his road trip out of the ARLGP as an awesome co-pilot to his new best friend!

Ronin, Taz and Memphis are just three of the 16 dogs available for adoption today. Come on in and say hi to our adoptable pups! We’re open until 5pm today, and can show dogs to interested adopters by appointment tomorrow (Wednesday).

See a full listing of available dogs at


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