ARLGP Clinic Team Volunteers at South Dakota Reservation

Last month we were proud to send our ARLGP clinic team to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. ARLGP veterinarian Dr. Beth Sperry, veterinary technicians Kim Jackson and Liz Lord, and volunteer veterinary technician Susan Gayle traveled to the South Dakota reservation for a three day spay/ neuter mission.


The full project included a deployed team of two veterinarians, four veterinary technicians and many veterinary assistants. In partnership with the Lakota Animal Care Project, the goal was to address the problem of animal overpopulation on the reservation of 2.2 million. Currently, there are no veterinary services on the reservation. This project was a large undertaking, with tremendous benefit to both the people and pets of the reservation.


Our ARLGP clinic team, under the direction of Dr. Sperry, spayed/neutered and vaccinated 111 animals in just three days. They also provided medical care and treatment for a variety of conditions including mange, wounds, and embedded porcupine quills.


The ARLGP is always proud to deploy our team members to assist in animal welfare situations on the local, regional and national level. Not only was our clinic team able to make a significant impact on the lives of animals, it was also a tremendous learning experience for all involved. They look forward to a return trip next September to continue our relationship with Lakota Animal Care and the reservation.

Please join us in giving a big PAWS UP to our clinic team for volunteering their time, expertise and compassion to help animals in need.


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