12 Saves of Christmas: Two Strong-Willed Buns! (save #10)

Today’s 12 Saves of Christmas blog post is all about the buns! We had many memorable bunny adoptions this year, and below we shine a spotlight on two very special buns.


Franco was one of our longest-term bunny residents, available for adoption for almost 5 months. At the ARLGP, Franco wasn’t the friendliest, snuggliest rabbit. But our team was determined and invested lots of time and energy into socializing him. We knew he would require a new family with some bunny knowledge, and an equal amount of energy to devote to him. We knew there was a flower in there ready to blossom; it would just take dedication to help him come out of his shell.

A local couple, Melissa and Roger, saw Franco’s picture on the website after losing their Flemish rabbit. They were devastated at the loss of their bunny, and were ready to welcome another rabbit companion into their family and home. Possessing the determination we thought necessary, we were confident sending Franco home with Melissa and Roger.

After two months in his new home, Melissa reports things are going very well with our dear friend Franco:

2016-franco1“Franco has taught us patience! Prior to adopting him, Roger was told that Franco would need special attention. He had prior owners, but was brought back to the shelter due to his disposition because he was a territorial and stubborn bunny. After spending a lot of quiet time with Franco (I can be very persistent) we have found that he is a very loveable creature.

All Franco needed was someone not to give up on him, by being persistent and patient and doing research. We now have a whole new bunny; he makes us giggle and is such a love bug. He’s a gift to us. He has taught us a lot! One thing for sure, rabbits are very intelligent.  We are thankful for adopting our little (big) boy.”


Bentley was another long-term rabbit at the ARLGP. He had come to us after some trauma in a previous home. He spent the majority of his time with us in a foster home, getting lots of socialization and enrichment. He was a rambunctious and lively boy! We worked hard to find Bentley an appropriate home that would have the time and energy to devote to this special boy.

Bentley’s soon-to-be future adopters, Ophelia and Corey, had a similar story to Melissa and Roger. They had lost their beloved bunny and were looking to add a new bun to the family. They read the biography that Bentley’s foster mom had written, and thought it reminded them of their previous bunny. They came in for a meet-and-greet, and left with a new best friend.

“His biography on the Animal Refuge League website reminded us of our beloved departed bun-bun, Pepper, whose rambunctious nature and rebellious spirit was not unlike Bentley’s description, though he certainly is his own bun-bun. We are now greeted daily with an enthusiastic powerslide into either one of us or the adjacent wall. His penchant for cranberries has gotten the whole household hooked and we shall never have a need for a paper shredder, though Bentley does not limit himself to only the papers we want to get rid of. He has proven himself to be quite an effective though adorable little bandit.

Bentley is spoiled rotten, loves to explore, and adores to cuddle and get his cheeks scratched. He is excellent at playing flip-cup and not afraid to let loose a little grumpy grunt if he finds something unsatisfactory. Though he has many a time spurned the affections of our cat Lion he is beginning to warm up to him.

Bentley has bunny-burrowed his way into our heart and home and this Christmas will be extra special because it is his first Christmas with us.”

We are happy that both of these strong-willed, independent and personality-filled bunny boys are happy in their new homes this holiday season!


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