12 Saves of Christmas: Memphis (save #9)

Today on the blog is a big dog, who stole every single one of our hearts.

Memphis the 4-year-old Great Dane pawed her way into the ARLGP in late-August. She immediately had us head over heels for her. Her soulful eyes, her affection-seeking lean, the head butts and gentle kisses. Collectively, almost every staff member took a turn showering Memphis will love and affection on a daily basis. We would often feature her behind the front desk; her height was at the perfect level to greet every visitor as they walked in.

We knew Memphis came with one factor that would make finding a new home a little bit harder: this gal liked to be the center of attention. While she didn’t dislike other dogs, we had a feeling she would prefer to be the canine queen of her castle. However, what we also quickly learned about Memphis was that she ADORED humans of all ages, especially kids. Our summer campers would visit her, and check on her daily to see if she had been adopted yet. We featured Memphis on local TV segments, we wrote a blog dedicated to her, we even gave her a huge ice cream sundae and snapped the most adorable photos of her licking her way to the bottom of the bowl—all to show the world what a special gal she was.


When the Lachance family came in, they went straight to Memphis. They had seen her on our website and felt an instant connection through those soulful eyes—even through the computer screen. The more they read about her online, the more they knew they had to meet her. Memphis’s new mom recalls the love at first click, followed by a new adventure as a family of four:

“From the moment I saw her face online with those expressive eyes, I felt a connection to Memphis. The more I read about her personality and shared her story with my family the more hooked we became.


Having gone from never having a dog to one the size of Memphis has been a bit of a learning opportunity 🙂 With that being said, she has reminded us of the importance of spending time together as a family at home, getting regular exercise especially outdoors and overall unconditional love.

Memphis seems to be doing quite well in her new home, she sleeps wherever she wants almost 20 hours a day but is playful and happy the rest of the time. Almost everyone who comes to visit falls right in love with her.


This Christmas, we will dress her up in her own Christmas PJ’s and have already put her stocking up for Santa to fill. We feel very lucky to have found Memphis and look forward to loving her for many more years.”

Our hearts are bursting for Memphis and the loving home she has now with her new family. Every picture update we get, we share with our whole team. She’s one terrific gal, with some stunning eyes!


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