12 Saves of Christmas: Benjamin the bun (save #6)

Back in June a young bunny named Benjamin arrived to the ARLGP after being attacked by a dog.  He required immediate medical attention, multiple stitches and lots of TLC from our team.  He even had to wear a miniature cone (something he wasn’t all that fond of).

However, throughout the entire ordeal,  Benjamin was easily one of the sweetest, most social rabbits we’ve had at the ARLGP. He sought affection from our staff and volunteers, loved hopping around to say hi, and very much enjoyed receiving oodles of love and affection. He received so much attention, he didn’t know what to do with himself!

Finally in August, Benjamin was healed and feeling healthy again. He was ready to hop on out of here with a new family.

During the same time period, we were running our first full summer of camp for kids. We welcomed more than 100 local students through our doors over the summer to teach them all about responsible pet care! One of those students, Jacob, happened to hop on into the small animal room himself, and found a new best friend. We asked Jacob all about Benjamin and how he’s doing in his new, happy home:

ARLGP: Jacob, what was it about Benjamin that connected you?

Jacob: I was attending the Animal Refuge League summer camp and I went to the critters room (because it was my turn to go.) When I first saw Benjamin I felt a connection between he and I and I wanted him really bad. I loved how active he was. We did bunny enrichment during camp. We took a paper bag and added hay and fruit, then tied it up. I gave mine to Benjamin and he tore it apart and loved it. It was fun to watch him and it made me want to adopt him even more.

img_3251ARLGP: How has your pet changed your home and family?

Jacob: I save my money to buy things for Benjamin such as hay and pellets. I enjoy creating toys for him from cardboard tubes, sticks, bark, pine cones, even broken wooden spoons. My father was hesitant about getting Benjamin, but now he LOVES Benjamin.

ARLGP: How has Benjamin been doing in your home with your family?

Jacob: I think Benjamin has been doing great. He loves throwing his hay all around his cage (especially after it has just been cleaned 🙂 I look forward to coming home from school each day to play with Benjamin.  Having a bunny was more work than I originally thought, but I wouldn’t change anything. He is worth it.

Jacob and Benjamin’s story makes us happy for SO many reasons! We love that Jacob had such an awesome time at summer camp, and we love even more that he met his new best friend here. We think these two will be very happy together for a long time!



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