12 Saves of Christmas: Onyx (save #3)

Onyx arrived at the ARLGP in March. He had significant hair loss. He spent the first three weeks here under observation in our feline isolation unit. We began feeding him a prescription wet food to observe if his hair loss was due to food allergies. We saw an almost instant improvement for Onyx, and his fur began to grow back beautifully. Our team also found Onyx to suffer from environmental dermatitis which also contributed to his hair loss.

Throughout it all, Onyx was such a trooper! He was the sweetest boy, always seeking affection. Our team doted on him, always making sure he was well-snuggled. Heather, one of our feline animal technicians, took an extra special liking to Onyx ensuring every new adopter got a chance to meet him. She made it a personal mission to find Onyx a home.


Onyx with ARLGP team member Robert

Because of his medical condition, Onyx was considered a special needs kitty. His new family would need to be prepared to continue to feed him prescription food, monitor his health closely, and ensure he was an indoor-only cat. He also preferred to be the only kitty in his household.  Because of these needs, we knew it would take a bit longer to find a home for our sweet boy, Onyx.

After a handful of months looking for his new happy home, we had a very nice adopter walk through our doors. Emily was actually visiting to meet cats for her father, but once Heather introduced her to Onyx, everyone knew it was meant to be:

“I am so happy I could give Onyx a home.  He has been renamed Binx (like the cat from Hocus Pocus).

I went to the shelter to look at cats for my Dad.  I was looking around and was introduced to Binx.  I asked if I could hold him and he just melted in my arms and started purring instantly.  When I found out how long he had been in the shelter for I was surprised and saddened to think such a friendly cat had not been adopted yet and I had to take him home.

Binx has been wonderful.  He is a low key cat.  He is very good at getting his needs met by being very vocal.  He loves to snuggle and if I am relaxing on the couch he is never far away.  His new favorite is to be under the down comforter, so you always have to check to make sure you are not going to sit on him.  We have lots of different people at the house, and he has taken to all of them.  He is not a shy cat and it does not take him long to plant himself in the lap of a stranger.

It has been nice having Binx around for the holidays.  He is so good about the Christmas tree and all the decorations; he hasn’t tried to break one!  I often find him napping under the Christmas tree or trying to get into the shopping bags filled with gifts.


Binx has made a wonderful addition to my home and I am so happy that I was able to provide a happy environment for him to thrive in!”

We’re so happy for Emily and Binx! He looks amazing, incredibly happy and healthy. We wish them a very happy first Christmas together.



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