12 Saves of Christmas: Moonie (save #2)

Imoonie_nonumbern October we received Moonie, a stray senior dog missing almost all of his fur. He had severe dental disease, cataracts in both eyes, with a significant amount of fleas. Our veterinary and kennel teams worked hard for three weeks to get Moonie back to a happy and healthy state. He required the removal of all his teeth, medicated baths, a special diet, and lots (and lots) of TLC. He spent most of his time with us in a foster home, receiving constant care and attention.

Finally, Moonie was ready for adoption. He was feeling great and even had quite the spunky personality! At approximately 14-years-old (!) we anticipated Moonie to be with us for a bit before he found his new family. He went up on our website and went out in a small dog email to adopters, the usual routine.

To our surprise, we had a line at the door for Moonie the first day he was available. And the very first family waiting couldn’t refuse the adorable little guy from the moment they laid eyes on him. They have renamed him Teddy, and they were thrilled to share with us how he is doing:

“We have always wanted to give an older dog a home. We saw Teddy’s face and knew immediately that we wanted to adopt him.

Teddy makes us all laugh every day. He may be small and old but he is absolutely full of spunk! We have 3 kids and a young nephew that adore him. The kids actually argue about who gets to take care of him because they all WANT to.

Teddy is thriving in our home. He made himself right at home from day one. He is a couch hog! He follows us around and is so happy. He gets along perfectly with all of our animals (many) and loves playing with the cats!


Teddy is so curious about what we are doing so we know he will want to be front and center during our holiday festivities. We had a great time showing him off at Thanksgiving!

Teddy is an amazing little guy. He goes with the flow and genuinely enjoys being around his people and animal buddies. We don’t know how long we will have with him so it makes everyone much more appreciative of the time we do have. He is very much loved!! Oh, yes, and ridiculously spoiled!”

We think Teddy will have a pretty amazing life with his new family. We wish them all a very happy holiday!


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