12 Saves of Christmas: Two Very Special Long-Termers (save #1)

Today we wrap up our annual 12 Saves of Christmas series with two animals that were very near and dear to our hearts.

In 2016, the weekend of June 4th will most certainly be remembered as one of our most special this year at the ARLGP. Two long-term guests, Minou and Oscar, both found their new beginning.

On Saturday the 4th we all sent a very warm and heartfelt goodbye to Oscar, an American Pit Bull Terrier mix who had been with us 10 months.


Our entire team celebrated Oscar’s adoption!

On Sunday the 5th, with happy tears in our eyes, we said bon voyage to Minou. An insulin-dependent diabetic kitty, Minou had been with us 10 months as well.


We shed some happy tears saying goodbye to Minou

Each and every adoption at the ARLGP is meaningful and special, and we take a moment to celebrate and cherish every single one. But on that one weekend in June, we all took an extra special pause to reflect on the 10 months of companionship we had with each of these special pets. Both unique in their own ways, we had worked tirelessly to find them a new beginning. And in just two short days, we saw both of them walk out of our doors excited to finally be making the big trip home.

Now, after 6 months of living their new lives in their new homes, their families reflect on how special they are.


“Oscar is the goofiest, clumsiest dog and all he wants to do is make me happy. His goofy personality connected us instantly. I fell in love with him the day I met him. He is now my best friend. I don’t know how I came home to an empty apartment before him. He has changed my whole life. I now depend on him for support and love, just like he depends on me for the same.

I already bought Oscar gifts and Christmas dog pajamas, haha! I can’t wait to have him with me on Christmas morning. I am the only single one in my family. So, Oscar is my date.  He makes every day better.

Oscar has changed my life and taught me to be much more patient, to speak quieter, to just relax on the couch with him at the end of the day and enjoy every moment I spend with him. He’s such a great dog. He is the perfect companion for me, I can’t get enough of his goofball personality.”—Ashleigh, Oscar’s mom


“When we first arrived at the shelter, we immediately gravitated towards the cats with special needs, because we knew that these pets tend to wait the longest before finding their forever homes. We have always been most attracted to those pets that are the most down on their luck, the ones that no one else wants. When we met Minou, we knew she was the one. Minou has diabetes and to keep it under control needs two injections of insulin a day, morning and night.

Minou has made our home a much more cheerful place since losing our Buni; we would be very sad without her. As French artist, writer, and film maker, Jean Cocteau once said, “I love cats because I love my home and after a while they become its visible soul.” Minou with her sweet, gentle presence has truly become or home’s “visible soul”.

From the very first moment Minou has seemed so grateful for her new home and our love. She loves to play and cuddle. Matt feeds the birds and the squirrels that visit our yard; and Minou loves to sit in our many large windows watching and chirping at the herd. Recently Minou seems to have realized that her new forever home is for real and not just a dream; and lest we forget to mention, Minou has the loudest purr of any cat we have ever known.


Having Minou share our home has made this Yuletide season a happy one, despite our missing little Buni Bastet. Our holiday season has been filled with music, playing, kitty cuddles, and kitty conversations. Minou is very vocal; she has a large and varied repertoire of meows. We are looking forward to hanging Minou’s stocking by the tree.

After Buni died Matt and I were devastated; I really did not want any more heartache. We were leaning towards never having another pet; but it was the words of two cat rescue friends of ours that made us decide adopting another feline was something we needed, wanted, and should do. Our friends reminded us that though it is perfectly normal after the loss of a beloved pet to feel that one does not wish to love again, there are multitudes of pets without homes who live every day simply needing their own safe, warm place to lie down, wanting to be loved and to love in return. Having a safe, warm place and plenty of love to give, Matt and I said yes to Ms. Minou; and she has repaid our love with hers.”- Dani, Minou’s mom

Happy holidays to our ARLGP friends and family, we hope you are enjoying quality time with those you love (both two and four-legged!).




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